What is Blogging?

A blog is short or long writing about any topic that you choose or is given to you to write about. Blogging does not necessarily have to be in a written form, it can also be in the form of a video or sketching or photography. You can get recognition, or your reviews can affect the rise and fall of a business. Blog is the short form of weblog.


  • Blog – (used as noun) means a journal or diary released on the internet.
  • Blogger – (used as verb) the one who keeps the blog.
  • Blog – (used as verb) to blog, e.g. I am about to blog about websites.
  • Blogging – (used as verb) writing a blog.

Who blogs?

Anyone can blog. You do not have to have special writing skills for you to blog, as long as people understand what you are saying. It will be useful if you have good IT skills to upload your content online, however there are many online tools that can help you upload content with ease.

Why do people like blogging?

There are many reasons to why people blog. Some may need to have their voice heard when they are sharing about a personal experience or feel the need to encourage others. There are many different types of bloggers, each with their own cause and beliefs. Now that is world has discovered the internet and the possibilities they can achieve with this medium, they use it for business purposes, social movement or to create awareness.

For example, personal bloggers like to write about their own experience to keep as a memory or use as a coping mechanism to overcome stress instead of getting addicted to drugs or getting depressed. Other bloggers blog about their work to use a portfolio of their work. For example, web designers can blog about services they provide, e.g. SEO, to show their knowledge on the subject area, which informs their viewers that they know what they are doing.


You can decide to blog on anything you like to, or create your own style of blogging on a selected blogging platform. In today’s world there are a variety of topics you can chose from. To get you started here are a few topics:

  • Design
  • Reviews
  • Religion
  • Causes e.g. lupus
  • Music
  • Website creation
  • Self-Love
  • Traveling
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Sports