Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a must if you want your website and your business to be successful.  Owning a website or a blog won’t bring success unless you maintain it.  Your website will run smoothly without any hiccups if your website is maintained regularly by updating softwares, plugins and addons behind your website and also take regular backups to restore your website in case of unforeseen failures. Your website links, web contents, company news, seo features, fix other issues triggered due to changes in the software infrastructure need to be orderly monitored and updated to have a well maintained website that attracts search engines to rank you better, website visitors and potential customers.  Failure to do regular maintenance opens avenue to security threats, hackers and other intruders that may harm  your website, your customers and incur cost of building business reputation.Website maintenance

FREE Website Maintenance

We offer FREE website maintenance exclusively to all Poole Web Designers customers for the first 6 months of website design and delivery. Certain types of website design packages in the table above may qualify for a free 12 months period which are based on complexity of the contents in the website. Customers who choose us to do the maintenance thereafter are liable to pay a monthly maintenance fee. We also offer maintenance for customers who designed and developed their website by other providers. The website maintenance fee varies based on the size of the website. The following list of fees are provided as guidance only for customers. Poole Web Designers customers can also choose quarterly maintenance package and the cost is determined after an evaluation of the website features and other requirements.  Customers who choose to pay 12 months website maintenance fee in advance get a special discount.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

£15+£25+£35+£60+£100 +
Feel free to discuss your website and maintenance requirements.