Latest Web design trends 2017

Web Design Trends – 2017

Mobile first

This design is mainly for small screen devices.  It is best for companies to focus more on devices that are quicker to gain information from, so start from the smallest device e.g. smart mobile then working upwards e.g. laptops. So, creating a website that looks good on phones as well as a large computer monitor.

Mobile First Approach

Mobile First Approach

Responsive design – wider implementation

Similar to the mobile first approach, however for responsive design it is more adaptive to the size of the device. It works hand in hand with the mobile first design.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design

Widespread utilization of rapid prototyping

These are quicker ways to design a website without having to physically type up a lot of coding. Many also allow you to design in the browser and then actually launch the site itself right from the tool. This is useful for developers to show a visual format of how the website will look after the launch of the website, allowing clients or the users themselves to make minor changes if necessary.

Example of Prototype

Example of Prototype

UI patterns and design framework

Utilized to get common templates that are used in websites. If clients on the website know how the feature work, they are more likely to be a consumer. If they do not understand how to use the website they would not spend much time trying to figure it out. Having these patterns and framework allow you to have a tried and tested design functionality, making the design process quick and easy.

Bespoke illustrations

Illustrations on your websites are unique, they give a brand uniqueness by the virtue of being created by hand. Having templates can make life easy, however it means that there are many businesses out there that can have similar logos as well as designs. Which means that your company will not stand out as much as a company that is completely innovative.  The best example of a brand identification for drop box, they have beautiful, friendly and completely unique visuals.




Another visual medium that makes the sites visual appeal a lot better. They can be hand rendered or letters can be distinctively placed for a pristine look. This is because more devices with high resolution are popular now-a-days, and companies will try to push the limits of typography to capture the attention of their audience.

Authentic photography

Again related to the visual appeal of the site. Consumers desire authenticity from the brands they use and they know a canned, stock photo when they see one. Businesses are likely to start hiring photographers to click the prefect image their clients will want to see.


Visual appeal of the site to grab the attention of their audience and tell them a story.  Brands want to show how they are better than other brands, what is better than using videos/ animation where they can directly communicate with their customers. This form of direct communication is easy for customers because they can see what the company offers instead of having to read, go through their website to find out.


Colour palettes set the approach of the site. Some sites can be nature related, they are more likely to have earthy tones. Some websites can be targeted towards students; therefore, colours have to be bright and bold; for example, festival’s or concerts advertising websites need to have brighter colours so people are more likely to go as it shows fun and excitement. Colours automatically set the mood for the site and can determine whether the viewer is likely to stay on your page.

Card and grid layouts

These can be often seen in sites like Pinterest, Facebook or twitter. They are useful for clients to see large amounts of information in smaller chunks. It can be texts, images or videos.  It is useful to create content and for it to be organised.

Card and grid layouts

Card and grid layouts

Virtual reality inspired experience and innovative scrolling and parallax

Virtual designs can for example can give customers an in store experience when visiting your website. More interactive websites can make potential customers want to visit the site to see what the hype is about, once on the site they may see a product they want to buy. People are drawn to excitement, therefore giving visitors of your website, a fun experience can make consumers want to buy often giving the brand more credibility.

The same goes for innovative scrolling and parallax. The more connected the customer feels about the site the more they are likely to purchase.

Asymmetric and broken layouts

Asymmetric and broken layouts

Asymmetric and broken layouts

As the name suggests, this how the information on the website is laid out. Some may have a huge image on the center of the screen e.g. phone companies, and they can have labels pointing to the features they want to highlight. Another example, where the front page can have huge image and the navigation menu bar can be placed on top of it. This again is done for visual appeal.

Drop shadows

This has been used for a long time. However, it is still trending. Drop shadows or shadows behind images or text, enhance or show importance to the information. This is a more elegant way to give importance to the text, instead of having a bolder colour or text.

Data visualization

Showing the stats of your company products, which product has been sold the most, can give your customer an idea of how good the product is. This can be done through have ratings on specific products for companies that sell many items or it can be shown as a chart for companies that have deals e.g. web designing company packages.

Wrapping it up.

Whilst we think everything on this list is pretty great, don’t try and fit every single one of these trends into your new website.

Each company, its business prospects and their audience tastes are different. So some feature may fit for one but not for another. Pick and choose the styles, features and functionalities your client may like and benefit. Applying all features and styles may decrease the UX – user experience of your website. So be selective, be careful, and, most importantly, be creative.

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