Types of Bloggers

Blogging is writing about a topic of your choice. It is very similar to having your own website, where you decide the content being uploaded or when it is uploaded, which can be every month, week or day. You can do it for others or just not share your information and keep it as an online diary. There are many different types of bloggers these days. If you want to become a blogger, we hope this blog is useful information for you to become a successful blogger.

Types of bloggers

Types of bloggers vary based on the type of blog that they write. Here are few of the bloggers that I can identify based on common blogging domains.

Personal Bloggers

When a person writes about their feelings, experience and their innermost thoughts online to their readers/ viewers. They don’t really have much of a theme. It’s almost as their own diary that is open to everyone to read. Success for a personal blogger is finding others to share their writing.

Business Bloggers

Business bloggers blog for their business. A business they own or company that they work for. Their goal is to gain exposure, traffic, and ultimately customers for their business. Success for a business blogger is when their readers subscribe to their email list or submit a lead form or make a purchase.

Professional Bloggers

Professional bloggers, blog to make money online. They tend to use a variety of monetization strategies to get money, such as selling display ads, creating information and digital products, and talking about products that they have been sponsored to talk about. The main success of this type of blogger is the income they get.

Niche Bloggers

This type of bloggers are specific. For example, their blogs can be only about food or training to lose weight or writing poems. Their success is recognition and self-satisfaction of achieving e.g. weight loss.

Reverse Bloggers

These bloggers write about content that is supplied by their reviewers. A reverse blog has a team who moderate posts, prevent unfriendly communications and encourage slow topics for better interactivity. Gaining reputation and getting more interactivity is their ultimate success.

Affiliate Bloggers

Their blogs are reviews of products from other companies. This can be anything from makeup products to new devices that have been released. Their success is to get more readers to buy a product they have reviewed as good or not buy the product they have reviewed as not worth the money.

Media Bloggers

If you enjoy video blogging, then you are known as a vlogger. Sharing photos, you have taken? Then you are known as a photoblogger. If you share your art or sketches you are known as an art-blogger.

Freelance Bloggers

These bloggers write for companies and get paid for it. If you have experience writing blogs and are well recognised your open a service to write for other companies and get money for it. You can charge a little extra too. Success for freelance bloggers is when they get more companies to ask for their writing work.

You do not necessarily need to pick one type of blogging, if you have a website you can separate it into e.g. 3 menu bars one for reviews, another for posting video blogging and one for your own business.

Keep blogging and enjoy sharing what you know!