Social Media for Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from being on social media, it can be used thoughtfully to show your business to millions at a time. Even if you are online or offline potential customers can still find you. It can seem difficult to get those first few views or likes, however once it picks up and your posting the right things to keep them visiting and eventually getting customers through, you’ll see that it pays off to have an online account.


Social media for small businesses

Platforms to use

To get better reach you need to know what platforms your customers are using. If your customers are on Instagram and your using Facebook, well they are not going to know about you. You can find out by:

  • Asking your customers – if your get around 30 -50 customers a week you can ask them what platforms they are using the most.
  • Start on any platform – simply start on any platform and see how it goes. Try and find out groups and connect and interact with them. If that does not work out just try another. Have a few sites, maybe 5 to start with, see how many hits you receive and do more work on the site that gets most hits.

Influential factors

Depending on the social media platforms you have chosen, the results can very. However below are the 3 factors that really play a part.

  • Give it time – you will not start getting hits right after you create a profile. In order to get followers, you need to invest some time doing blogs, quotes, keep updating the profile every day. Also, as said before, join groups and do some paid promotions to get noticed.
  • Creating relevant content – if your business is about your own cosmetic beauty and your posting about cars, your audience are going to get confusing and not pay attention after a while. Also if u post 3 days week make sure your posting content that is good, there is no use of posting 3 days a week when the content is really bad, its okay to miss out a day.

You would also benefit from mixed up the type of content. For example, you don’t have to post photos of clients with the makeup you’ve done on their face, you can share videos, write blogs and so on, get creative and make content that is worth sharing.

  • Don’t Give up – be determined, like said previously, being consistent and upload the right content. Everyone uses different kinds of social media, so complaining about using Facebook for a year and not getting noticed is pointless.

Social media usage for small business

  • Twitter – to main things that is useful to know is hashtags and advanced search. Hashtags are used to tweet individual subjects, without the need for an addition caption. For example, having #Webdesign people will know your company is about website building or #Bournemouth #Poole #Dorset will show that you are located around that area. Advanced search can get you involved in local conversations or subjects matters you are interested in.
  • Facebook – Facebook is large, there are more than a billion people on it which means you are likely to get noticed by a few people at first and then you can start building your readers or client base. Also making friends and family like your page will help since viewer can see that you have a few likes and maybe interested in getting to know more. Another great advantage of Facebook is that groups can be created. This is useful because you can either begin a group yourself or ask to be a part of a group and then promote your work on their site.
  • Instagram – this platform is becoming more popular these days, with improving features and the type of content posted. Like twitter hashtags are very useful or more useful on Instagram than twitter. People have hashtags on almost every post they upload. Keep the content relevant.

Measuring social media efforts

Keep track of the followers or viewer on the sight, the numbers will show the engagements of viewers, so what post got most likes. Here are some tools that help you keep track:

  • Facebook insights: after 30 likes insights will be available, getting 100 likes will enable you to see how well your competitors are doing.
  • Twitter analytics: find influential people and request to share about you business.
  • Iconosquare: Instagram does not have its own analytics yet, therefore using this will help you see the best times to post and relevant posts for your business.

Social media strategy that works best


Choosing the right social media platform for small businesses


Finally post engaging content, this the best way to build audience. Engaging contents show your viewers who are your potential clients, the type of person you are, which can make them want to know more about your work. Your employees are you brand ambassadors, they can start the snowball effect, meaning your brand is going to be known through them. Keep this in mind and be aware of the in-house shares.